Cast Iron Crack Repair

A cast iron component in need of repair.

Professional, Comprehensive Cast Iron Crack Repair

Rutt's machine shop offers Cast Iron Crack Repair Stitching, with an emphasis on functionality, affordability, and lasting durability. Feel free to ask us about special pins or custom repair inserts.

What is the best way to fix cracked cast iron without welding? Rutt’s machine shop uses metal stitching, a time-proven technique for fixing cracked or broken cast iron metal components through topical metal splinting.

It is a cold process using cast iron block crack repair inserts and pins. It is especially effective when used to repair brittle cast metal objects with little risk of altering the metal as might occur from the heat of welding.

Cast Iron Crack Repair Steps

  • Patterns of holes are drilled in the object across the line of fracture
  • The holes are then shaped to fit the joining insert
  • The joining insert is placed in the new anchor holes
  • Additional holes are drilled in line with the fracture
  • The new holes are filled with metal anchors, creating a pressure-tight joint
  • The anchors and inserts are usually ground flush, resulting in a permanent, low-profile repair
  • Metal stitching is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to welding. It also faithfully retains the original shape of the repaired object since no heat is used (which can alter the composition of the metal or reshape the surfaces of the object). Metal stitching also reduces stresses on the repaired surface, allowing the new splint to adjust to future thermal pressure while permanently shoring up high stress points on the repaired object.

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